Hello my name is Jannes. At the moment I am a researcher, a temporary designer for social interactions, a theoretician of spaces. I am working on something people say media artists do. Yesterday I was an Interior Architect, a Photographer and Social Designer. Tomorrow I might become a philosopher, a father of a child, a musician or a human hybrid.

With my work, I simply try to connect what has to be connected. If you want to contact me, just send me a message: janphillip.ley(at)gmx.de 

Work & Study

since 2019 - honorary member of Initiative.RAUMSCHIFF; Linz
2017-2019 - Project coordination at PerceptionLab (www.perceptionlab.de); research department of the “Detmold School for Architecture and Interior Architecture” 2016 - Master thesis “Spaces of Indeterminacy”
2014-2016 - Master study “Social Design - Arts as urban innovation”; “University of applied Arts Vienna”
2014 - Research assistent at PerceptionLab
2013 - Bachelor thesis “Orte ohne Eigenschaften”
2011/12 - Tutor at subject “Design of space and color”

2010-2013 - Bachelor Study “Interior Architecture”; “Detmold School for Architecture and Interior Architecture”
2009  - Work as carpenter at “Sahnen und Cardenia”; Neuss

Exhibitions & Cooperations

2019 - Project “SISI” at Vienna Design Week 2019 (September)
2019 - Exhibition of “nomos digitalis” at “Junges Wort” in Obertrum am See, Austria (September)
2019 - Solo-Exhibition “Digital Approximations - Annäherungen im Digitalen Raum” at “Wolfgang-Bonhage Museum”, Korbach (20. January - 24. February 2019)
2018 - Participant of the “Passagen Cologne”; Exhibition of “AX” at the St. Michael Church
2017 - Exhibition of “Voice Garden” at group exhibition “Four Elements”; Detmold
2017 - Exhibition of “Katharsis” and “FLUKS” at “Passagen Cologne”

2016 - Exhibiting at the “Essence”; University of Applied Arts Vienna 2016 - Cooperation with the project “Learning from. Fields of Action“ at Open Forum”; “Angewandte Innovation Lab”;  Vienna, as part of the “Wiener Festwochen”
2015-2017 - Research installation “Rhythm of Walking” as part of the exhibition “Zukunft der Stadt”; Technical Museum Vienna; cooperation with MIT Boston and AIT 2015 - Exhibiting “Fluid personalities” at “Junge Kunst international - Kunst versus Design”; “OHO” Oberwart 2015 - Exhibiting at the “Essence”; “University of Applied Arts Vienna” 2014 - Exhibiting “noise” at the “Second world non-congress of the missing things”

Workshops, Events & Teaching

2019 - Workshop “Kommt! Wir bauen eine Krachmaschine”; cooperation with Initiative.RAUMSCHIFF; funded by Stifter Helfen as part of meet&code (EU Code Week 2019)
2018 - Organisation, coordination, moderation of the “Universal Design Practice Conference II”
2018 - Organisation, moderation and supervision of international student workshop “Universal Playground” on the topic of inclusive spaces
2018 - Supervising the elective module “Man, space and inclusion” at “Detmold School of Architecture and Interior Architecture” 2017 - Participatory workshop “Sensitive Maps” in cooperation with Stéphane Clor and the “Digital Urban Impact Lab” Bremen 2017 - Supervising the elective Module “Digital Proxemics”; a research study of the “Detmold School of Architecture and Interior Architecture” 2016 - Workshop “Urban Wilderness” (concept and idea Vera Naydenova)

Publications & Lectures

2019 - Lecture at “Linuxwochen Linz” with the title “Open City - Von Open Data zur Offenen Stadt: Beispiele innovativer Werkzeuge partizipativer Stadtgestaltung”
2018 - Lecture at the 11th PerceptionLab Symposium “Man, Space and Inclusion” with the title “Parameter of Inclusive Design for Spaces of Learning”
2018 - Lecture at CEBIT 2018 as part of the CPS.HUB NRW talk seires “Fresh ideas from NRW”
2018 - Article in the magazin “52°” about innovative research tools2018 - Interview as part of the third issue of this years “Light”; professional magazin for lighting design and planning 2017 - Lecture in “FLUKS - Approximations towards a different perception of space. Potentials of participatory innovative research technology” at the “European Future Symposium” at the M2C, Bremen
2017 - Lecture in “Potenziale innovativer Forschungswerkzeuge im Wahrnehmungsprozess von Mensch und Raum” at the “Future Science Workshop: Digitale Infrastrukturen für urbane Partizipation, Kultur und Bildung”; M2C Bremen
2017 - Moderation of the 10th PerceptionLab Symposium “Mensch, Raum und Wirklichkeit”; “Detmold School of Architecture and Interior Architecture”  2017 - Lecture at the 10th PerceptionLab Symposium “Mensch, Raum und Wirklichkeit” with the title “Vermessung des Unsichtbaren” 2016 - Lecture at the “International Crafts Forum”; Bulgaria