Universal Playground 

workshop | inclusive design

In Germany, we are facing a radical growth of the necessity for inclusive school environments due to the regulations of the National Action Plan (NAP 2.0) of Germany’s Federal Government (2016) that is based on the UN-Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD). A recent study (Kricke, 2018) shows that Inclusion in the context of learning environments works the best if it’s part of a holistic concept including interior architecture as the common ground for equal learning experiences. To give design students a tool to develop a professional position towards Universal Design and Inclusion we generated Parameters of Inclusive Design for Spaces of Learning, which were tested and reevaluated in an international student workshop as part of an ERASMUS+ project called ‘PUDCAD’.
First results show that such tools can help students to overcome the equation of Universal Design with accessibility in order to create spaces that can shape a socially sustainable future respecting the idea of diversity.

All content produced by PerceptionLab. A workshop in the context of the ERASMUS+ PUDCAD project.